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When we launched the Occult in 2020 we had no idea how quickly a flat pedal could garner a cult like following. The evolution of the pedal has been substantial. With every production from inception we found small inadequacies that we couldn't ignore. So we tweaked, altered, modified, tested and re-tested until we knew we had the best flat pedal we've ever made. This update might night not look significant from the outside, but it's what's going on inside that counts.

After testing not only our own pedal but also our competitors, we found that an 11mm spindle was a happy medium between low profile and durability allowing the pedal to pass the industry leading EFBE Gravity Tri-Test. We also took the opportunity to completely redesign the seal to significantly reduce water ingress, extending the life of the internals. Lastly, we made a minor tweak to the platform machining allowing us to run larger MR116-2RS sealed bearings to further increase longevity. All of these updates combined with our industry leading Pedal Refresh Program make for the best flat pedal currently on the market. Bold statement? We don't think so. 


  • Custom extruded and post CNC'ed from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • 3 high quality sealed bearings + IGUS bushing per pedal
  • Heat-treated cromoly steel spindle with 6mm broach
  • Thread Thru Pins OR Grub Screws included (Pick your poison!)
  • 110mm x 105mm w/ 2mm dual concavity
  • Ultra low profile platform w/ 14mm thickness at the center
  • Available in Onyx, Silver, or Umber 
  • 1 Free Pedal Refresh (USA ONLY)
  • EFBE Tri-Test Gravity Certified
  • Lifetime Crash Replacement
  • 418g/set


SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the design nature of our sealing mechanism the pedals will have a resistance to spin freely out of the box. This resistance will reduce over time as the pedals wear in.



What is the EFBE Tri-Test you say? All bicycles and their corresponding parts need to pass international safety standards in order to be sold in the United States and beyond. This ISO standard is considered the bare minimum for a product to be deemed "safe" for consumer usage, but it falls short when it comes to real world usage. This is why EFBE has created the "Tri-Test", to put products like ours through more strenuous fatigue, maximum load, and overload tests to better replicate the forces found during a products lifespan. The Occult V2 not only passes ISO testing but it also passes EFBE's most stringent Tri-Test Gravity test. Click here learn more about EFBE and their unique testing standards.


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