Tenet backs all products from manufacturing defects for up to 2 years to the original purchaser. Warranties are non-transferable.

To submit a warranty claim, please fill out the form below...


Once reviewed and approved, we will notify you with a RA number and return shipment information. DO NOT SEND PRODUCT BACK WITHOUT AN RA NUMBER

 The following are NOT covered by our warranty program…

  • Dents, scratches, or scuffing due to normal riding conditions
  • Fading or wearing of anodized and paint finish
  • Damage due to improper installation
  • Failure due to product neglect and usage outside its intended use


Tenet's products are designed and engineered to meet or exceed industry ISO safety standards and to withstand harsh riding conditions. With that being said, all products have a finite lifespan and require frequent inspection of all internal and external parts to insure that parts are free of cracks or corrosion that may compromise the products integrity and safety. Failure to do so may result in damage, injury, or death. 

Below are the ASTM F2043-18 Category Designations for usage.

Look, we understand that nobody rides around with a tape measure to assure that they aren’t exceeding a category 5 jump. The bottom line here is that the info above should be used as a guide to gauging your riding capabilities and intended usage. It’s important to note that rider skill and weight are big factors when it comes to stress and can easily shift the boundaries between two or more sets of conditions. If you are a newer or heavier set rider and intend to push your boundaries, you should take extra precaution and care with your equipment. If you are not comfortable with accurately assessing your equipment’s safety, we recommend frequent tune ups and inspections by a professional bicycle mechanic. If your bicycle is operating differently than from the day you purchased it (i.e. creaking, grinding, flexing, or simply not functioning as it should) you should seize usage immediately and seek professional assistance.

If you are not comfortable installing any product we highly recommend having products installed by a professional at your local bike shop.


Shit does happen... and we've got your back. If your product was deemed not covered by our warranty program, or you flat out know you messed up, you are automatically eligible for our Crash Replacement Program. Replacement product will be offered at a one time 30% discount. Discount is valid for the Lifetime of all Tenet products and is transferable. (This does NOT include normal wear and tear. If it appears your product was intentionally destroyed or tampered with we may hold the right to deny your claim.)

If you want to skip the delays involved with our warranty program, you can email us at jra@ridetenet.com. Send your original proof of purchase and a photo of your damaged goods and well send you a discount code for your replacement item. No questions asked.