You shouldn’t have to sell your soul to the devil, refinance your home, or give up a kidney to buy quality bike parts. You only get a few of those cards, and you should probably save them for a rainy day. Tenet was established on a pretty basic principle… build high quality products and offer fair pricing. Oh yeah, and ride bikes… a lot. As riders ourselves, we felt there was void in the industry, so we cashed in our piggy bank and set out to change that. We make stuff we want to ride, and it just so happens that you might want to ride it too. Being based out of Bellingham, WA we’re close to the pulse of the mountain bike community as well as the trail heads. And that benefits you by allowing us to stay relevant, constantly innovate, and produce better products.

 We honestly care about your opinion. So we’ll pledge to keep making the goods, you ride it and tell us what you think, and we'll keep nerding out and making things better.