These instructions are for the Occult V2 and Omen V2 pedals only. Please CLICK HERE for the Occult V1 and Omen V1 rebuild procedure.

DISCLAIMER: This procedure requires some basic knowledge of bicycle maintenance and usage of tools. If you do not have the following tools or are uncomfortable with the process listed below, please consult your local bike shop or a trained professional for assistance with your pedal service. Incorrect assembly can result in damage to your pedals or worse serious injuries to the rider. 

 Tools Needed:

  • 8mm Socket (Included with your pedal set)
  • 1/4" Ratchet Wrench
  • 6mm Allen Wrench
  • Bearing and Bushing Install Tool (Sold Separately)
  • Clean Rag / Towel
  • Nylon Pipe Cleaner
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Waterproof Grease
  • Bench Vice or Vice Grips
  • M11x1.5 Tap



  • Clean, inspect, and regrease every 100 Miles
  • Replace Bearings and Bushings every year or as needed
  • Inspect and service after a heavy impact or crash.


Some clues that your pedals may be ready for a rebuild:

  • Pedals squeaking while rotating
  • Increased lateral play in bushings
  • Gritty or notchy feeling in bearings
  • Pedals haven’t been serviced in more than a year  STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS:
  1. Using a 6mm allen wrench, remove the end cap (2) by rotating counter clockwise to unthread exposing the 8mm nut (3).
  2. Using both a 6mm allen wrench to hold the spindle (7) and the included 8mm socket and ratchet wrench, loosen and remove the 8mm nut (3) inside the pedal.
  3. Remove the spindle (7) from the pedal body (1), clean with isopropyl alcohol and set aside. NOTE: Be sure to inspect the spindle for corrosion, damage or cracks. If the spindle shows any signs of corrosion or damage replace.
  4. Use the 6mm allen wrench and insert it into the pedal body from the bushing end and lightly tap the bearings (4) out.
  5. Using a M11x1.5 tap, thread the tap into the bushing (5) and use either a vice or vice grips to pull the bushing out of the pedal body.
  6. Thoroughly clean the internal bore of the pedal body (1) with a nylon pipe cleaner and inspect the bearing or bushing surfaces for damage.
  7. Using a liberal amount of waterproof grease, coat both the inner bushing and bearing surfaces.
  8. Using the bearing and bushing install tool, place the bushing (5) on the bushing side of the tool and lightly tap into the bushing bore until it fully seats (Listen for an audible thud to ensure the bushing is fully installed).
  9. Using the included bearing and bushing install tool, place one bearing (4) on the bearing side of the tool and lightly tap into the bearing bore until it fully seats (Listen for an audible thud to ensure the bearing is fully installed). NOTE: Install one bearing at a time and ensure that each of the 3 bearings are fully seated.
  10. Install the new seal (6) onto the spindle (7) then apply a liberal amount of grease to the spindle before installing into the pedal body (1).
  11. After installing the spindle (7) into the pedal body (1), install the new lock nut (3) and snug tight. NOTE: Do not over tighten lock nut as it will cause excessive binding on the bearings leading to premature wear
  12. Reinstall end cap (2) and tighten to 5NM.
  13. Drink a beverage and high-five yourself.