"What is the difference between the Occult V2 and Omen V2?"

If you've ever asked yourself, "What is the difference between the Occult V2 and Omen V2 pedals? Why is the Omen $74 more expensive?" you are not alone. We receive this question frequently, and in reality, it boils down to a few key distinctions.

What's the same?

The Occult V2 and Omen V2 share the same platform shape, pin placement, internal design, and use all the same small parts. All parts between the two pedals are 100% interchangeable, which means both pedals benefit from the enhanced durability that has allowed them to pass the coveted EFBE Tri-Test Gravity test.

Occult V2

The made in Taiwan Occult V2 is our most well known flat pedal garnering a cult like following thanks to it's incredible cost to performance ratio. The platform is post CNC-machined from a bar of extruded aluminum, a process that can cause micro marring on the surface. These micro scratches are challenging to remove and doesn't lend itself well to achieving a high-polish finish. Therefore, after machining, the pedal undergoes media blasting to give the platform a nice cohesive matte finish before being anodized and laser etched.

Omen V2

The Omen V2 is our CNC-crafted flat pedal, proudly made in Washington. As this pedal is entirely milled from a block of aluminum, we were able to pay more attention to the details. This is highly evident in the appearance and finish of the product. We dedicated numerous hours to refining the tool path, resulting in beautiful tool markings and clean finishing on this pedal. There is zero handwork performed post CNC; the pedals simply come off the machine, are washed and inspected, and then sent for anodizing. Knowing that we wanted to maximize durability at this price point, we chose to retain more material in the front and back portions to maintain as much stiffness as possible. The outcome is a beautifully crafted, highly durable, long-lasting flat pedal that will withstand the test of time.