DISCLAIMER: This procedure requires some basic knowledge of bicycle maintenance and usage of tools. If you do not have the following tools or are uncomfortable with the process listed below, please consult your local bike shop or a trained professional for assistance with your stem installation. Incorrect assembly can result in damage to your stem or worse serious injuries to the rider. 

 Tools Needed:

  • 4mm Allen Wrench
  • Torque Wrench 
  • Clean Rag


    1. Remove your existing stem from your bicycle. This process can very from manufacturer, but generally this consists of removing your face plate bolts to remove your handle bar, loosening your stem clamp bolts, and removing your top cap bolt and top cap before sliding the old stem off of your fork steerer tube.
    2. Clean your fork steerer tube before installing your Nora V2 or V2.5 stem to ensure that the stem has a good mating surface and is free of defects. 

      SPECIAL NOTE: The NORA V2 & V2.5 Stem has a 40mm stack height. If your previous stem was shorter or taller, you may need to add or remove headset spacers to ensure that the Nora stem has adequate clamping surface as well as enough top cap gap to pre-load the headset. 
    3. Install the stem onto the steerer tube ensuring that there is a minimum of 37mm of steerer tube inside the stem. Note that the etched "Horns Icon" should be on top.
    4. Install the top cap and preload the headset to the torque settings recommended by your headset manufacturer. (NOTE: Inadequate pre-load will result in a loose headset eventually leading to premature headset and/or frame wear.)
    5. Clean your handlebar before installing your Nora V2 or V2.5 stem to ensure that the stem has a good mating surface and to prevent creaking.
    6. Place the handlebar into the stem body before then installing your face plate. Make sure that the "NO GAP" markings are on the top of both the stem and faceplate.
    7. Center the handlebar in the stem and adjust the desired roll, then install by hand the 4 stem face plate bolts. Using a 4mm allen wrench, tighten the top two stem bolts so that the face plate and stem body are touching. 
    8. Using the below bolt sequence, snug each stem bolt before torquing to 5nm. (NOTE: DO NOT EXCEED HANDLEBAR MANUFACTURERS RECOMMENDED TORQUE SETTINGS.)  
    9.  Align your stem with you front wheel. (TIP: Looking down over your handlebars, use your fork stanchions as guides to ensure your bars are in correct alignment with your fork.)
    10.  Tighten the rear stem bolts to a minimum 5nm not exceeding 7nm.
    11.  Crack a bevy or go for a rip!