Zines have been a huge part of counter culture dating back to the 1930's and influenced our youth via skate and bmx. Getting your hands on some of them was often impossible as they would be so limited they instantly became collectors items. Tenet has a soft spot for grass roots community based content. So in the spirit of the skate and bmx brands we idolized, we've decided to create a physical quarterly zine at no charge to our email subscribers. You can expect exclusive new product sneak peeks and pre-orders, interviews, articles, reviews, community generated content, recipes, how-to's, blah blah blah. To be honest we can't even comprehend what might make it onto these pages. You'll just have to sign up below to find out. 

ISSUE 1 CONTENTS | New Product Sneak Peek, Paris Gore Bike Check, The Dark Horse feat. Hannah Bergemann, The Art of Spreading Yourself Thin.

NOTE: We will only be sending these out to active subscribers. If you unsubscribe to our regular email subscription you will no longer receive the hard copy zine. I mean, we only send you relevant content anyway... and rarely. Stick around and see what we're up to. It'll be worth it.


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