Rampage Content Dump

Less than a year ago, Talus and I sat down on the Dead Sailor Podcast and talked about his dreams of attending Rampage. Only 11 months later, I found myself standing on a 60-foot drop that Talus was planning to flip in his Rampage run. Why am I not surprised... Talus' trajectory in freeride is mind-blowing. His ability to dial in his riding and check off goals is unlike anyone I've seen before. Most riders spend years trying to accomplish what Talus does in a matter of weeks. The amount of pride we have for our guy is impossible to put into words. From humble beginnings to the world's largest stage in just a few short years—wow. Just wow.  Congratulations on your 5th place at your first-ever Rampage, Talus. It's an honor to have been able to witness it with our own eyes. We can't wait to see where you go in the not-so-distant future!

Here's a complete content dump of everything Rampage...

Talus' custom TR11 painted by none other than Made Rad by Tony Buamann. (Photos: Oliver Parish)

Talus was running the Omen V2 pedals.

Bellingham based Made Rad with the killer paint job that paid tribute to his Grandmothers Japanese heritage. 

Sneak peek of things to come...

Talus' matching custom painted helmet.